Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Food for thought

A good friend of mine from college recently reconnected with me. They challenged me in ways I wasn’t expecting. I take this recent encounter as a lesson to live by. When life seems to put up obstacles or want to keep you away from something, sometimes it is worth the fight. Showing effort and passion is necessary every once in a while especially when you are standing up for something you strongly believe. This may sound vague, but if there is a cause that strikes you keep trying and fight for it. Maybe it is a job that you really want, do everything possible to try and connect and make progress. What I am trying to share, is a lesson that keeps repeating itself throughout life and that is never give up. Never give up even when it might appear to be over. If everyone always gave up so easily, where would we be in the world today? I strongly believe that the individuals who are resilient and truly want something are the ones who should receive whatever they may seek. Those are the worthy ones. 

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  1. Nice words, Bethy. You're an inspiration and I love you!